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Frans de Waal - Public Page AMERICAN CAT The ocelot is a small wild cat species, also called dwarf leopard. The solitary cats are territorial, and rely on thick vegetation for shelter and hunting. They have not returned to portions of their former range in the States, and there is only an isolated population of perhaps 50 cats still living in Texas. - Photo: elitravo/Shutterstock Read more:

King cheetah and cheetah. Once considered a separate species, the King Cheetah differs distinctively from the normal spotted cheetah only in it’s coat pattern. While a normal cheetah is generally a yellowish, golden color and dappled with small, black spots, the King Cheetah has spots that run together to form several black stripes down it’s back, and large, irregular blotches on it’s sides.

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you haven't convinced me yet to not eat you

The mountain lion (Puma concolor) is also known as the cougar, puma, panther, and catamount, and is the largest wildcat in North America.

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