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This beautiful piece of instrumental music from YellowBrickCinema is created to to enhance your brain function and concentration during your meditation and helps you to relax easily. There are binaural beats of Delta, Theta, and Alpha waves which can encourage the state of deep sleep and calmness relaxation when you listen to the music. Enjoy the refreshing track below! Share with us what you think!... Read more @

this is never-ending circle...all you need is to stop and breathe deep, feel the moment, cause every second is valuable

Missing Our Old Habits: Enduring Discomfort - Sometimes when we break a habit or addiction we find ourselves missing it like a dear friend.

Dhyana mudra - hands form a circle of energy to promote deep contemplation - helps to connect to the energy of deep peace and serenity

from Le Café Witteveen

Facebook kids posting the hits

"If you stop telling people that it will all get sorted out after they're dead, they might start sorting it out while they're alive"