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I can TOTALLY relate to that weather right now!<<<< but this anime, is it a yaoi, or is it not a yaoi? YOU DONT KNOW!!! <<< its not yaoi. it's an anime with a canon gay couple.

I havnt posted a shion cosplay in a LOOONG time. And im planning to do ALL the characters from undertale. But im not doing direcr adaptations once again im going to go more stylized you guys really give me good feed back and tbh that always makes me feel so good guys really thank you.. i have a few stylized cosplays like nagisashuu bloody mary (red haded vampire) and N. There are a few i need to re-do like Tamaki Sora dipper and ikki. But for now ill be woking on all the characters from…

WARNING: nobody herein and far shaint trifle with here Nezumi. If ye shaint abide said terms, Shion will execut you with a shcarrrray fashe Itsh like: (´・_・`) with malish o_o

No. 6 is a series that had ton sof potential but was doomed to never live up to it. Weighing in at a mere 11 episodes, it was always going to be hard for BONES to adapt the epic scale portrayed in No. 6′s source material with such little time. In the end the result is a sloppy, awkwardly paced, relatively disappointing anime series albeit one with real heart underneath all its flaws.