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wasn’t quite four years old when his appendix burst, landing him in a hospital for emergency surgery. And when he awoke two hours later, he had an amazing story to tell. He sa

Bitcoin R3 and Other Blockchains Venture capital may like the ideas of other public channels than R3 but they will later realize that Bitcoin is the real deal after bubble burst Block chain says angel investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum startups Chandler Guo We have come to them a revolution not in partnership with them. So we do not like them. They are a big business banking idea. We come here to use Bitcoin to destroy their system not to follow them. New public channels In China today…

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Burst Cherry Tomato Angel Hair With Lemon and Ricotta

"I've made a variation of this sauce a thousand times before, it's something I learned how to make in Italy years ago, and something that's stuck with me since then. Whole cherry tomatoes are sautéed in a touch of olive oil until they start to burst, and then hit with a dousing of dry sherry (one of my very favorite flavors). The juice from the tomatoes slowly starts to sweep out of the tomatoes, creating a sweet sauce that's enhanced with garlic, lemon zest and lemon juice." Recipe from…

Love is...indescribable. it's ucontainable it's amazing it's knock the ball out of the park homerun it's that feeling of joy when you been recognized and people are cheering for you like you are the best but it's just you and me but i feel choirs of angels singing when we're together

✯ Kansas - my hubby and I call these angel rays... Meaning that those who we love who have gone home to heaven are saying hello love this picture!!!