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The new Alice In Chains with Elton John... who played piano for them on the new record.

“There’s an extra weird thing, a sort of fifth song, which was also Sean’s idea. It’s called “Love Song,” and it’s the most bizarre song we’ve ever recorded. We all switched instruments, and it’s so noisy and horrible, it’s great. I play bass, Sean plays piano and sings lead vocals, Mike (Starr) plays guitar and Layne plays drums.” — Jerry Cantrell

"Man in the Box," Alice in Chains. Iconic song in the world of grunge. Didn't post the music video because it edits the song.

“Vietnam was hell on my family. I mean, it was great growing up with a dad in the Army. We had medical, dental, food for all the kids. I was taken care of by the base until I was 18. The Army was his way out. He came from a farm where he was picking cotton and hauling hay, so he wanted to get the fuck out of there. When he went to Vietnam, it just tore up our family. I feel sorry for him, ‘cause he’s a great guy, but what do you do after you’ve been killing people for a living? He started…

Alice in Chains 'Black Gives way to Blue'- Jerry Cantrell wrote this in memory of Layne, and Elton John is on the piano. Brilliant song.

This is basically all you need to know about me. I play the trombone in jazz band, I also play piano. I love the 90's. I am a hippie at heart ;) my favorite flower is a daisy. My favorite animals are a cat, a hedgehog, and a koala. I love all rock music like, pink floyd, nirvana, Alice in chains, oasis, sublime, green day, the doors, and led zeppelin. I have 3 sibling 2 twin brothers and 1 sister. My best friend is Kelly :). That's pretty much all about me :)