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Is this not literally what i was just crying to my dad about on the phone wow world

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from Twilight Saga Wiki

Filming locations

Twilight film locations - a must for any Twihard that's touring the sites. ;)

TVD - Lol it's embarrassing how accurate this is.

[Abnormally] Black Jaguars Love Their Non Black Kittens

from Upsocl

Estos son los 120 animales que han desaparecido en los últimos 100 años

The last known wild specimen of the Syrian Ass was fatally shot in 1927 at Al Ghams near the Azraq oasis in Jordan, and the last captive specimen died the same year at the Vienna Zoo.

Rothschild Giraffes, Hogle Zoo, SLCity, Utah, Photo credit Barbara von Hoffman, the gestation period for giraffes is 15 months, the baby has a 5 ft drop when born, the calf pictured is 1 week old.

Classic medieval short-sleeved tunic garb. Very handsome for a man to wear :)

Jordan Straker of Alberta, Canada. (Jordan is truly a master carver, and YES - those details are all carved!)