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And i thought it was just me and Ashleigh!

from daughter by design


Time for myself


from From up North

Inspirational quotes

I love the night. I hate the sun. I wish it could be dark all the time. I could spend hours laying outside under the stars. No matter the weather.

I'm crazy and I know that. I'm not ashamed. I used to be because people looked down on me for it and so I started to change. Now I hate that I did that and I'm working on getting it all back. Just remember always be you, there's only one of you and we need it :)

I could spend hours just thinking...and that's who I am.

All the little things, like snow on my tongue, or dancing in the rain, just the little things that make life worth living and make me who I am! ksm

from Abduzeedo

Daily Inspiration #1078

i just want someone who loves me for me

Sometimes I need to be alone with my music / music quotes / Lilo and Stitch / Disney