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The Mummy (1999): I was obsessed with this movie for a while!

my gif movie gpoy Library Evelyn Carnahan Rachel Weisz the mummy ...

King Tutankhamen and Akhensenamun--my favorites BEFORE the Mummy movie series--first heard of them at WMU, art history

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Librarians Save The Day! 11 Great Movies In Which They Star

Aziza's mother is an Egyptologist like Evie (Mummy movies)...however Evie actually reminds me more of Aziza...since Evie ends up finding out something about herself that she did not know about as well...

The Mummy | Movies & TV Amino

(Rachel Weisz) as Evelyn 'Evie' Carnahan, the Librarian dressed somewhat more stereotypically in this scene, in The Mummy movie series.

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