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Alanna: This picture is representative of Eufeme’s tearful plea to King Evan, calling for Silence’s severe punishment in response to her alleged rape. Eufeme’s tears are significant to the narrator’s depiction of women as inherently deceitful and emotionally volatile beings. This disingenuous emotional exchange is attributed to “the ways of women,” rather than the reality of Eufeme being a lover scorned.

Kalynn: This picture is of a golden brooch that Queen Eufeme was wearing when she first attempted to seduce Silence in her bedchamber. When Eufeme unfastens the brooch to discard her clothing, it is like she is discarding her facade of a proper queen to show her true intention with Silence. Eufeme attempts to force Silence to be with her just as she was forced to be with King Evan, due to the love they felt for the one they forced.

ANGELA: This is a representation of the false letter that Queen Eufeme wrote behind King Evan's back to demand Silence’s death out of revenge for rejecting her love. This letter symbolizes Queen Eufeme’s deceitful nature, a trait that the narrator Master Hendris of Cornwall believes to be tied to her identity as a woman. The narrator’s beliefs on women's deception versus men's integrity highlights the conflict between different gender stereotypes that are present throughout the story.

AURORA: Eufeme wore a wimple (headscarf) and when she tricked Silence into her bedroom for the second time, she tore her wimple and said it was Silence who did it. A wimple was typically worn by married women, as it was unsightly for a married woman to let her hair be seen by others. Her wimple torn and revealing her head and neck is symbolic of her distress in her marriage and desire to break free.

Kelly: Eupheme takes off her gold brooch in her first attempt to seduce Silence. This act mirrors the revealing of her true intentions as she exposes herself. Also because the brooch is so magnificent, it also relates to the power imbalance between Eupheme and Silence.

ERIK: Cersei Lannister is representative of Eufeme for a number of reasons, the most obvious being the fact that they are beautiful queens that abuse their position of power. They engage in extramarital affairs and tend to lash out when they don't get what they want. Both characters care little about others and tend to get away with their through deceitful means.

Brianna: This represents the scene in which Eufeme tries to seduce Silence. She plots to get Silence into her bed which he profusely refuses each time. Despite her prestige and naked body, she cannot persuade Silence into her bed using her feminine charms, due to Silence's Nature.