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SHAMPOO 'N THINGS, Auckland, New Zealand,The Boost, "MATRIX Style Link, Hair Products",created by Ton van der Veer


use your imagination, but i see that huge white table (back on right side) ..put in the center of that back space...and making one fabulous display out of it...(not this tall....but with the little tables around and under it...

Materials: LACK side table Description: A few month ago I encountered this hack made with lack tables used as a scenographic diplay in a an exibition. Th

The New Practices New York 2014 exhibition design conveys the innovative spirit of the competition and creates an engaging and exciting environment for the featured works. The Center had a limited budget for the installation, so Jen and her designers had to find an inexpensive, easy-to-produce solution that was still impactful. The mesh of lines suggests the streets on a map.