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Hey there blogland!  Holy cow it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote a blog post…about 7 months or so!  I guess I just got kind of burned out & wanted to try to step away from bein…

R2-D2 Xbox: well, these beats the actual R2-D2 branded Xbox. The real kicker would be if Kinect was built-in to R2's head.

Star Wars Arcade: I flipped more quarters into this machine as a kid it was unreal. With a full yoke flight controls and 3dish vector graphics, this machine amazed me as a kid! I relived the first Star Wars movie over and over as the movie characters persuaded me to beat the game flip the game, then beat it again, until finally my eyes burned so bad I had to quit. I actually owned this machine later in life for like 10 years, until I got tired of moving it around.

from Tauni Everett

30-Minute Star Wars Snuggle Blanket Tutorial

It only takes 30 minutes to make these awesome Star Wars snuggle blankets. They're perfect for kids and make a great accessory for Star Wars viewing parties. They look super simple.