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How to Clean Up Pinterest Boards

Time for some Spring cleaning! Learn how to clean up your Pinterest boards with these 4 simple steps!

They are everywhere. I thing they must traveling in time and space, maybe, i don't know, with some Time Lord.

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40 High Style Low-Budget Furniture Makeovers You Could Definitely Do

There are times when you see some furniture or decorating projects which you think would suit your house but could never replicate. This could be because you think you don’t have the money, skills or resources to put such projects into practice.

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Shabby Chic Interior Inspirations

The New Shabby Chic: A Little Less Shabby, A Lot More Chic

good golly that's exactly what I was thinking

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Shabby Chic Interior Inspirations

Do you remember shabby chic? I do. I don't think I ever got fully into the craze, but there was definitely a time when tousled lacy curtains, distressed painted wood and tiny floral prints were positively everywhere. The good news, if you loved the relaxed, worn-in look of shabby chic but not the tryhard tweeness of it all, is that lately I've been starting to see some interiors that present a fresh twist on the look: the same comfortable elegance, but a little less shabby and a lot more…

"For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every…

accurate af. i don't mean to sound rude when saying this, but i think i deserve more credit from my friends than i actually do receive. i understand that i'm (obviously) no one's first choice, but at the same time i believe that i do a lot for the ones i love & i don't feel as if i get the same amount of care in return. correct me if i am wrong, but that is my opinion on this matter. it could just be me being self i tend to end up being .. i get it that im not the pretty one…

Inspiring love - not everyone can handle the love u give ...