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2 Hour DIY Dog Bed

Your pup is a special part of your family. So, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to give them a place they can feel safe and warm to sleep. This 2 Hour DIY Dog Bed is going to keep your canine cuddly and happy for months to come after you create.

this might be the sweetest sleeping photo i've ever seen. a white cat and a grey cat curled up right on top of their favorite yellow lab. loooove this.

A little info about Gyver K's breed of dog. Gyver is our newest family Member. He is good to people but mean to dogs!!!! He has big heart!!!

Best Cat Breeds for Families: RUSSIAN BLUE | They're reserved cats but very loving. Their reserved nature makes them shy around strangers but when they're around people that they know, they love to be part of the activities. They also love to sleep w/ their family members, which is just 1 aspect of their loving nature.