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Releasing the Chains of Guilt – Free Tapping Meditation from The Tapping Solution #Meditation #TheTappingSolution #TappingMeditation


Free Meditation from The Tapping Solution #Meditation #TheTappingSolution #TappingMeditation


FREE EFT SCRIPTS: How to Tap Using #Essentialoils for Better Results. Helps #anxiety #pain Free Script.

YOGA TIPS FOR TOE TAPS & LSIT: This is not so much a sequence but more conditioning drills that will help your feet if the floor. The main thing is to first have open hamstrings. If a deep forward is not yet available to you, I suggest working on that first otherwise you will simply not have the accessibility in the body to toe tap or Lsit. I have a sequence on "YOGA SEQUENCE TO FORWARD FOLD" I suggest doing that as a warm up first just scroll down my feed & you'll find it - 1. BLOCK TAP…


Approaching an autoimmune case in a holistic way, where an person's body is starting to work against itself, you feel that you deserve to be hurt or abused

EFT--Emotional Freedom Technique Simple to use tapping that releases the stress you hold in your body and it doesnt matter whether it is physical or emotional based. I use this!


The Tapping Solution Film - Free Screening

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EFT Tapping > Release pain! - I am having a bad sciatica episode right now, on both dang sides, and I feel no pain. I know it's there, but I don't hurt. Look on YouTube for EFT and pick something you want to tap on. This really works and it's free and you can do it for you or your kids.