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✯ Spells and Magic: Cloves ✯ AND clove oil is an anesthetic for the gums and teeth...

Green Salt can be used in Spells for Abundance, Prosperity, Money and Luck. Used with Black Salt, it can help bring good luck faster. Carry in a Sachet when looking for a job. blend Sea Salt and herbs such as mint, dill or basil, using green tea leaves and crushed bay leaves, this green sea salt is completely natural. While making the mix, place intent energies of what you want.

I occasionally get requests on how to use a charcoal disc for burning incense. Personally, I use tongs(those used in chemistry is the best) to hold the disc up next to a candle flame.

Guide to Magical Paths : How to make Magical Mugwort Oil

Periwinkle. Raspberry Leaf. Rosebuds. Rosemary. Sage. Sea Salt. Tonka Beads. Vervain. Wormwood. What's that used for #7

Benjamin Manasse Rituel DE Magie Blanche Tome I Ésotérisme Priéres | eBay

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How to Use Santeria Cascarilla Powder

Khaki Campbell ducks eclipse chickens in the egg-laying department.