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Elements of Music | Anchor Chart Posters (Digital Print)

Elements of Music | Anchor Chart Posters (Digital Print) - CLICK HERE for more info

I am so playing this!!! It should be, "Sing, or Act" or "Sing or Improvise" OR "Sing or Dance?" OMGG hours of enjoyment at sleepovers!

Music Theory 101 Cheat Sheet.

Music Activities and Warm-Up Ideas to (Literally) Wake Up Your Class! | National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

SA-weeeeeeeeet! Boy friendly vocal warm-up. Ashley Delaney, Choir Vocal Warm-Ups, "Where the Wild Things Are" - YouTube

Follow the link for a couple of really good Orff activites, free from Teachers Notebook. Hello songs and activities to get class started are too important for words. Kids don't come to music to sit quietly!

Students are given two melodic patterns consisting of Do, Re and Mi. The teacher plays one of the patterns, and students determine which of the two patterns the teacher played. This can be done as a whole class or individually. It is a Smart Notebook download, so that you can demonstrate using the SmartBoard, but also print it off as a worksheet/test.

Pick ‘n’ mix warm-ups for choirs - Total Choir Resources