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I Hear God's Music

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Ask in Faith– Piano/Sheet Music This is the piano/sheet music for Hilary Week’s 2017 LDS Mutual Theme duet, Ask in Faith. This song is great to add to your personal music library or for performances. See the song music HERE. See the minus track HERE. See the combo with the song, minus track, and sheet music HERE. This product is also included in our Hilary Weeks Combo package HERE or our 2017 Mutual Theme Ultimate Kit HERE 1 license = for yourself or household. Each additional…

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Copy Music from Your iPod to Your Computer

Many methods of transferring music from your iPod to the computer involve using various programs, but the method shown here doesn't require any of those to be accessed. Read on to have your favorite songs on your iPod easily accessible on your computer.

thegoldenyearz: “David Bowie at Wembley Studios in London with his then-band, The Buzz, performing on a television show, 1966 ”

7 Tips for Instantly Better Lyrics

At its best, lyric writing is a magical mixture of creativity and storytelling that can bring your listener into a world you’ve created and hold them there for the length of your song. However, in order to create the perfect, tightly-scripted narrative that great lyrics possess, countless hours of writing and…