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Electronic tattoo filled with sensors reads your vitals, reports them wirelessly

Electronic tattoo with sensors reads your vitals, reports them wirelessly. Don't panic, It's temporary. So does this mean the nurse can stop waking a patient in the middle of the flippin night? Thank you. This is awesome.

Memo Box is an extraordinary companion which connects your loved ones and makes taking medication and dietary supplements way easier! Memo Box Predicts When You’ve Forgotten Your Pills

Check Eyesight-Adjusting Screens- This prototype concept is hi-tech -- rather than having to wear glasses to see better, it lets the object adjust to your eyesight. This idea by Ryan Jongwoo Choi is called the i-Free. #tech #technology

This is the cap that uses evaporation to keep your head up to 20º F cooler than outside air temperature The Evaporative Cooling Cap - Hammacher Schlemmer July 2013