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Crochet Horse, Handmade Horse, Stuffed Horse, Purple and White Horse

unicorn - Crochet / knit / stitch charts and graphs

Pygmy Seahorse Stuffy pattern by Christins from My Sweet Potato 3

This crochet pattern comes with complete instructions for this adorable Pygmy Seahorse Stuffy. My favorite part about making this pattern is that it is crocheted as one piece! That is right, no sewing involved! Also, the pattern can be made in different yarn weights. The purple sample was made in worsted (#4) weight yarn and is 9 inches tall. The pink sample was made in light (#3) weight yarn and is 7” tall. This little seahorse is sure to be very loved!

Baby Unicorn - Free Crochet Pattern - Review

My Little Pony Toy Crochet Pattern! @Elizabeth Dinkelman you should make this...... for me!

African Flower Crochet Horse, Pink and Purple

This horse is made of more than 40 african flowers motives (patches), all the patches are different. It is about 14 tall and 12 long and just adorable.

70s -home crafter- Womens bright red worsted weight acrylic open lacey pattern crochet sleeves hip length vest with matching tie.

PURPLE THUNDER HORSE - beading cuff bracelet pattern for peyote (buy any 2 patterns - get 3rd FREE)

animated pegasus gif | for a pegasus unicorn challenge tags jenniferswe pegasus purple

decorated horseshoes | Decorated purple and metallic latte steel horseshoe by MauveMoose, $16 ...