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Edinburgh Spotlight on Twitter: "Bakehouse Close in this morning's sunshine #edinburgh"

The Devil's Advocate - Edinburgh; one of the most impressive whiskey selections

A Toco Toucan, also known as the Ramphastos toco, rests in the bird enclosure of the Faunia animal theme park in Madrid April 27, 2005. Toucans, which live between 10-15 years, live in the wild in the tropical rainforests from the Guianas through Brazil to northern Argentina and are fruit eaters.

Mary King's Close... "Mary King's Close is infamous for its tales of ghosts and unexplained happenings. One of the earliest and best documented stories concerns the Coltheart family and took place 40 years after the last outbreak of plague in Edinburgh when people were already claiming to have seen 'spectres and nameless terrors' in the Close. "

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Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel (1446) at Christmas, Scotland. ~ 'It came into his mind to build a house for God's service, of most curious work, the which that it might be done with greater glory and splendour, he caused artificers to be brought from other regions and foreign kingdoms and caused daily to be abundance of all kinds of workmen present as masons, carpenters, smiths, barrowmen and quarriers.....' Father Hay, describes the start of Sir William St Clair's plan.

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Today's Tweet Exit Cards

Twitter exit cards -- Today's Teaching Tweet. Students put their names in the form of @____ and then below that they write what they learned from today's lesson. Lastly, they #hashtag a "trending topic."

Scotland - doesn't this street just beckon you to check it out?

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Conan Doyle

The Conan Doyle pub In Edinburgh, Scotland is located close to Picardy Place, where the pub's namesake, the great author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was born on 22nd May 1859. Today, an over life -sized bronze statue of Conan Doyle's greatest creation, Sherlock Holmes, stands opposite his birthplace. The most famous fictional detective is portrayed in meditation on the death of his author. This is a rare gem of a pub and one of my favourite stops when in Edinburgh. Photo:

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This is what a hummingbird looks like close up