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6 Ways to make 2017 a Healthy Year | Evolution Fitness

Start each day with the intention to treat yourself as you would treat anyone that you love- with kindness and respect. This means making healthy choices that will fuel you positively. Imagine your body is a temple and treat it like one!

Are you looking for a way to continue the momentum of your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, join us! We’ll be hosting several challenges beginning February 3rd. We’ll host a free 5-day challenge, as well as a 5-day Shakeology Challenge (total cost is $20 as I'm running a Valentine's Day special), and a more in-depth 21-90 day Challenge all on Facebook. Interested in learning more? Friend me on Facebook via the link on my profile and send me a message!

Happy Monday!!! Well this Monday, I am and was feeling all kinds of motivated and great. Work was productive and for a Monday that is awes...

Motivational Fitness Quotes

We all have "bad" days or sometimes even a "bad" weekend. You shouldn't make excuses or make it a habit, but when you get off track...don't waste your time beating yourself up. Set a goal and get back on track! You can always make a fresh start!