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I don't know if I've ever revealed this fact, but the desire to be a fashion designer comes to me while I was on a plane traveling from Pari...

1783 Marie Antoinette holding a rose by Elisabeth-Louise Vigee-Lebrun (Versailles)

'Duchess' Keira Knightley to hold court during NY Fashion Week

I'm in love with the costumes of this movie. -Keira Knightley, 'The Duchess'

Marie Antoinette costume

In 1775, Queen Maria Theresa of Austria-Hungary wrote to her daughter Marie-Antoinette, “Likewise I cannot help but touch upon a point that many of the papers repeat to me too often: it is the hairstyle that you wear. They say that from the roots it measures 36 pouces high and with all the feathers and ribbons that hold all of that up! You know that I have always been of the opinion that one should follow fashion moderately, but never carry it to excess."

Unmounted fan-leaf, with a hatseller's stall in a landscape at which a lady buys hats from a male and a female shopkeeper; at left, a figure of Folly in the clouds handing a feathered hat to the shopwoman; a cupid holds a scroll; on the body of the fan, floral and spangled ornaments. c.1770-90 Bodycolour on silk

It would require actual cement to get my hair to do this for longer than10 seconds, and then I'd have to live with it for ever... I'd cope.


"Empress Alexandra Fedorovna (Charlotte of Prussia)", 1841-42, by Christina Robertson (Scottish, 1796-1854)

Elisabeth Louise Vigee le Brun, Portrait of Marie-Antoinette #rococo (I'll never look at silk the same way again...)

Going to See Cassandra’s Portrait of Her Sister Jane Austen

Georgiana ~ The Duchess of Devonshire by Gainsborough 1783. This portrait was stolen by Adam Worth.....he slept with it under his mattress for 20 years.