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#Book Review of #MyThoughtsAbandoned from #ReadersFavorite - https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/my-thoughts-abandoned Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite Take a journey into the abyss of poetry as you read the collection in My Thoughts Abandoned by Marla Bautista. You will be absorbed into the chasm of over ten emotionally charged poems about abuse, strained emotions and love. Marla Bautista presents an eclectic piece of work in My Thoughts Abandoned that...

#Book+Review+of+#MyThoughtsAbandoned+from+#ReadersFavorite Reviewed+by+Vernita+Naylor+for+Readers'+Favorite…

Bridge over a deep chasm in an abandoned mine. Cannot confirm presence of Balrog. (OC) [1717x3052]

Bridge over a deep chasm in an abandoned mine. Cannot confirm presence of Balrog. (OC) [1717x3052]

Yup, they say it only happens once, maybe twice. The truly lucky get three times, but odds are you'll only ever have it once... And then sometimes, those people abandon you out of confusion, fear, etc. The world can be a wonderful place or a terrible place and it depends entirely on the people we interact with. What a terrible chasm to hang over, the human heart...

“But Oh! That Deep Romantic Chasm Which Slanted” by RMIT University student, Naomi Pui Kay Brennan.This project offers hope for the abandoned walls of the Argus Building, once home to the prestigious Argus newspaper. This project sought to widen the influence of the built streetscape of RMIT University’s Swanston Street precinct, composed of Building Eight by Edmond & Corrigan, and Storey Hall by ARM.

Abandoned mill in chasm in middle of Sorrento by Riverwest

abandoned bridge, taken over by green

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