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hand of cards arranged in a manner that makes all cards partially visible.

CARDS GIVE BURSTS OF INFORMATION Cards as an information dissemination medium have been around for a very long time. Imperial China used them in the 9th century for games. Trade cards in 17th century London helped people find businesses. In 18th century Europe footmen of aristocrats used cards to introduce the impending arrival of the distinguished guest. For hundreds of years people have handed around business cards. Cards are a great medium for communicating quick stories.

card stack ui - Google Search

on other way of stacking cards

suggested communities card vs posts by people. look at the view all button

Why cards are the future of the web. "Cards are fast becoming the best design pattern for mobile devices."

Content being broken down into individual components and re-aggregated is the result of the rise of mobile technologies, billions of screens of all shapes and sizes, and unprecedented access to data from all kinds of sources through APIs and SDKs. Cards are fast becoming the best design pattern for mobile devices as the internet moves from pages & destinations to aggregated personal experiences.

Google Now ora ti avvisa quando la tua fermata dell'autobus è vicina -