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I don't believe in God but I do believe that this is true.I believe we are meant to be the way we are. We are shaped by our experiences and the people we meet and from that we will always react a certain way. So to become who you are you had to experience all the good and bad experiences and people too.

Thank you Jesus Christ for finding me in my darkest state and lifting me out of that pit of sin and despair. You have set me on the path of righteousness and you will be with me forever.. Matthew 7:13-14

Hope is a reckless thing. Hope is the ultimate risk and letting go of the outcome will allow you to live in hope and do the things you fear. We don't fear the trying, we fear the outcome. Be afraid not to try.

Your happiness depends on your self-reliance – your unshakable willingness to take responsibility for your life from this moment forward, regardless of who had a hand in making it the way it is now. It’s about taking control of your present circumstances, finding your true self by thinking for yourself, and making a firm choice to live YOUR way. - via:

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What Friendship Should Look Like in Your Thirties

This image reflects my friendships, I have had toxic friendships before and recently I have decided that it isn't worth being friends with people who don't encourage and support you so I now surround myself with people who have a positive influence on me.

Harry Styles' new spread in the 23rd issue of Another Man magazine. Styles shares details of his new career path, talks experience with Paul McCartney, and exposes personal touches of mementos he's collected on his success journey. On stands soon. London, England.

"You will find that people will always have opinions about your decisions. Don’t…

to let go of the painful need to control and force things to do our way - and instead open to the flow of infinite possibilities, letting ourselves see things anew and experience the unfolding synchronicities that guide us on a path of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.