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Apollo Theater

The Apollo is one of the most influential venues in the world, many American stars were discovered or performed on its legendary stage.

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The Apollo Theater, located at West 125th St near Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

Apollo Theater. Harlem, New York City (1970’s) I think I went to this very show...I definitely saw Stevie Wonder there at the Apollo in the 70's..

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Duke Ellington performed regularly here, and Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday both launched their careers at the venue’s amateur night. You can say that the Apollo Theater was the ‘Motown’ before Motown. Today, the theater stands as an artifact on the bustling 125th street.

Navidad en el Rockefeller Center. Sobre la estatua dorada del dios griego Prometeo y a los pies del GE Building, el gran arbol y sus miles y miles de luces. Suelen ser piceas, y el del año 2014, que media 26 metros, se llevo a Nueva York desde Blomsburg, Pennsylvania

Harlem, New York I was here accross the street from the Apollo trying to hail a taxi when the Rodney King riots started in LA. Everyone around me kept telling me to hurry up and get out of town before I got hurt. I had no idea what was going on. I figured it was just typical NY hospitality at its best.