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Forest river in Zurich, Switzerland (by Osvaldo Mirante) | So gorgeous, and serene. |

"They both listened silently to the water, which to them was not just water, but the voice of life, the voice of being, the voice of perpetual becoming." ~Hermann Hesse, via She Sings to the Stars ..*

from Grandma Ideas

Photographing Bubbles

I'm babysitting my baby Cousin and every time she says or attempts to say my name she says Bubble lol...And its one of the cuttest things I've ever seen :) I think my favorite thing from now on are bubbles lol

i chose this picture of reflection because its just a stunning picture and I never seen a picture like this before

from From My Little Cottage

Beautiful Photos – makes me want to paint!

Lavender and pink and white. "In the silence between us, this is what I feel. And I'm there and you're there. It's calm and peace and joy. But it's also a feeling of being unsettled with longing and a fire that can't be quenched. And I hear your thoughts and my thoughts and things you've said. And I hear words I haven't yet said and places waiting for us. What do you hear?" ~In the Silence

Resolving the Post-Modern dilemna will involve breaking free from the duality of a black and white universe---accepting grays and off-color whites and all shades in between is a more realistic zeitgeist. Then there is the issue of re-enchanting our world (returning to nature). This photo may not specifically be Post-Modern or beyond---but I love thes kind of photos.

Look at the reflection of flowers and leaves - in the water. Pretty and delicate.