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I didn't cry. Someone from Fairy Tail was going to die eventually. Plus, he insulted Mavis. X( Next chapter he might be back, though. XD

Words are not illegal. Calling words sexual assault is an insult to actual assault survivors. If groping is assault, file a report. If not, stop pretending to be a victim. I'm a woman, and I call bullshit on the "rape culture" sham.

from NY Daily News

Trump fans want to repeal women's 19th Amendment right to vote

After all the insults to women by Trump, the reported attacks by Trump on women and the degrading statements by Trump about women the solution by the Trump people is to not have women vote. The future of things to come if Trump is elected.


Editorial Board: Trump is 'unfit for the presidency'

Although the last few republican presidents have shown any republican shouldn't be president Trump has even surpassed their idiocy and not yet taken office. The idiot chimp Bush didn't destroy the economy and set the Middle East on fire until after he was in office. Trump on the other hand has already had four bankruptcies, dozens of failed businesses and insulted virtually all of America's allies.

Obamanure - we'll see if the blacks and minorities are finally on to demonrat reindeer game - gimme your vote....bubye..cya in 4 years

Mr. Trump, how do you explain you sexist insults, xenophobic slurs, racist conspiracy theories and bald-faced lies? Trump's response: The microphone did it.

Everyone is worried about the clowns on the street... I'm more worried about the two clowns running for president