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Fresh produce is necessary for optimal health, but it gets expensive to purchase this from the store or market each week. Growing your own fruits and...

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From plants to patients and back: An interview with Dr Kate Castleden

Career paths are a mysterious thing. As theyrarely are linear ithelps topickup miscellaneous transferable skills on the way andspotnew opportunities as they arise. We hope to feature many different career paths for plant scientists on the blog. If you have an interesting story to tell or know someone who inspires you please drop us a line! Dr Kate Castleden works as Education and Outreach Officer at Oxford Botanic Garden. They say you meet every person twice in your life and thatcertainly…

ORIENTATION FOR THOSE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A DISTRIBUTOR OR NEW DISTRIBUTORS. Join our weekly Business Builder webinar if you are interested in Growing your Young Living Business. Facilitated by Fran Asaro a Life and Business Coach Register for the webinar here: For more information about becoming a Young Living Distributor as a supplement to your income or as a career go to:

Great Job Vegas Team: Here are some recent statistics from that team which goes out on The Strip every week: "These past few weeks we have had 18 people thank us for helping them realize what they had been missing in the Catholic Church and they informed us they will be returning to confession and Mass. We have had two people tell us they are interested in becoming Catholic when they get to their home cities. We have helped seven homeless people find help. And we have planted seeds in over…

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20 Real Venus Fly Trap Seeds Carnivorous Plant Dionaea Muscipula Family Garden Potted Interesting DIY Gift

100x Venus Fly Trap Seeds Dionaea Muscipula Giant Clip Insectivorous seed Garden Plant Seed Bonsai Family Potted General Information The Venus fly

Herbs thrive on neglect once established. Care for young lavender as you would any new perennial. When well rooted, lavender is tolerant of heat and dry spells. Water if there is a drought. Over watering leads to root rot which will cause lavender to die. Prevent weeds by mulching with a light colored mulch like coarse sand, gravel or oyster shells. Prune 1/3 of lavender plant each fall, 2-3 weeks before hard frost. Pruning will help the plant grow full and rounded

Political news is like a weather report. It shows us if the clouds of suffering or the sun of illumination is visible at any given time. It communicates if there is war or peace around the world and if people are distressed or happy. I value this information yet I also know that clouds of suffering will always pass through as long as people have the capacity for greed fear rage and other painful emotions. So I dont necessarily need to keep too close an eye on the latest events to be in…

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Garden Tips with Hills Sustainable Gardens

Garden Tips with Hills Sustainable Gardens Sustainable Gardens (HSG), are based in Summertown/Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, but services all of the Adelaide Hills. Opening in November 2014, Wade Fletcher and Sam Thomas are the co-owners. Wade is a qualified horticulturalist with many years experience in biodiversity and land conservation management and we had a chat about their work…

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Vegan Meal Plan #1

A friend of mine recently expressed interest in a more plant-based diet and requested information about my weekly shopping and meal plans. I’ve been on-and-off vegetarian for so long that a trip to the grocery store is just second nature, but I’m asked often, “What do vegans even eat?” Of course, we eat food! We...Read More »

in my bowl // over the past few weeks ive received an outpouring of emails and comments from those of you looking to make a more plant based diet part of your everyday lifestyle because every body and everybody is different meaning genetic makeups heights weights & activity levels (not to mention taste preferences!) leave us all with varying nutrient needs it really wouldnt be helpful of me to provide much more than the basic guidelines and everyday mealtime tips i already try to share…