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"More than just beads and feathers"

* Chief Eagle ~ Salish chief; wore a headdress of highly prized golden eagle feathers, which signify that he was oiutstanding in battle. A complete tail of twelve eagle feathers could be traded for a pony ~ Artist by: steeelll *

Native American soldier with his eagle feather staff

Blackfoot War Club, 19th century. Stone, wood, hide, beads, 25 in. with stone hammer 4 in.

1930's Nez Perce Corn Husk Bag with bead work

(4 of 6) Cultural Appropriation: A Photographic Journey to Explain Why You Should Wash Off the Warpaint and Put Down the Headdress. Pick your Pocahontas. To clear something up: you wearing a headdress, a feather & warpaint, a sexy Pocahontas costume is like someone wearing blackface; not like a native person wearing jeans. [click on this image for a video and brief analysis of cultural representation as a practice of domination]