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I can hear the choppers sounding through the city. Their blades cut through the air with a beat that matches my heart. But even as I run, all I can think about is the thermal cameras that will catch me even if I hide.

Forensic Research : OMICS Group invites all the participants across the globe to attend the International Conference on Forensic Research Technology during October 2013 at Las Vegas, USA.

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"You recognize this private notebook?" "Yeah, that's what he used to keep track of them." "Of... the victims?" "Yeah."

The girl who knows something says he's her brother, so they go in and investigate house and find him and take him in, question him, then he escapes. They only know his name is Peter McArther and they let the girl help him find him again.


Your character stumbles across Amber, just as she is cornered by the police…