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50mm Webbing Strap V Clip | Great for Repairing Seats | 10 Pack Only $12.00

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Vintage retro style upholstery seat webbing V clips commonly used on mid century and modern Scandinavian and English furniture to fasten Pirelli rubber seat webbing straps into the timber frame groove. Sold in multiples of 10x V shaped clips. Best used during repairs of Danish furniture and in conjunction with either our Heavy duty 50mm webbing or Pirelli rubber style webbing straps. Sold in Multiples of 10 Clips Enough metal webbing clips for 5 x furniture seat belt straps. Suitable for Danish style chairs and lounges. Easy to Install Webbing Clips. The only tools you need is either a bench vice or a pair of pliers to clamp closed the retro style metal upholstery clips.