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J-Hen eases listeners into the sensual and hot soulful grooves that will without fail arouse in audiences the sultry images the R/B singer has provided in his vocals. The Dallas-based artist has concocted fully-fledged R/B/HipHop hits that with contagious hooks and playful lyrics

Famous Rap Stars illustrated by Russian Artist Viktor Miller-Gausa (Notorious B.I.G., Ice Cube, Eminem and more)

INDIWD (by Viktor Miller-Gausa) This series of prints for clothing brand of the INDIWD. We started working together, creating prints with WU-TANG CLAN, Eminem, Ice Cube and other rap singers . This...

Top 10 Pandora Stations for Workouts

Pandora offers workout music stations specifically to get you pumped up about your workouts. Lists the Top 10 Pandora Stations for Workouts

Charlie Brown Goes Hip-Hop

Deez Nuts is a new body of work, which began as a zine of the same name by Australian-born, Tokyo-based artist Mark Drew

Top 10 Pandora Stations for Workouts

FREE WORKOUT MUSIC based on artist and genre preferences. Options for pop, hiphop and classic rock power workout stations, alternative music endurance training, country, hard rock strength training, and electronic cardio.

The name "Theorist" could be new to you especially in the field of music play but most definitely when it comes to ground-breaking events and achievements in the palace of academicstheorist ain't new in this feat.He loves engaging impossibility and application of research work to the real life situation.Real names ISIAQ A. OMOTAYO better known as "Theorist" is a serving lecturer at the department of political science university of IlorinIlorinNigeriawho through the works of research delve…

The Quality of Play this represents is freedom From Time.The personality of play this represents is Storyteller. I love music,music Inspires me,and my creativity,Music helps me shape my stories to be better than ones already told.When I listen to music I lose track of time.An hour turns into three,a day turns into two. Creating life's story for me is based upon music,without it im lost