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Period Danish Louis Seize mirror, circa 1770, with a gilt flower-filled urn with ribbons and swags at the top. Beading around the mirror glass and carved flowers at each corner - Dim: 4 ft. 8 in.Hx29 in.Wx2 in.D // 141 cmHx74 cmWx5 cmD.

You Will Get Tons Of Compliments On Fullfashioned #Reyban Bring You To A Beautiful World That Belongs To You

magic recievers - supernatural links often attributed to things that people do not understand. Mirrors seemto posses a power beyond the natural, a reflection of the truth, and so became a handy repository for many mystical and supernatural ideas. They did seem to be portals to another world at times..

francesca woodman....for the hundredth time...haha, if you havent noticed. im obsessed with her work. she was so fucking brilliant. amazing self portraitist ..i need my hands on a camera. bad.

Resolving the Post-Modern dilemna will involve breaking free from the duality of a black and white universe---accepting grays and off-color whites and all shades in between is a more realistic zeitgeist. Then there is the issue of re-enchanting our world (returning to nature). This photo may not specifically be Post-Modern or beyond---but I love thes kind of photos.

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What Specific Career In Creative Arts Should I Choose?

Have a broken mirror, as a symbol of was the world may see and then have a mirror that is beautiful and has portions of scriptures of what God sees when he looks at us.

Your little boat of life is surrounded by a massive ocean of Love. Set anchor in your soul..*

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Mirrors are terrible things. They show us how we think the world sees us rather than showing us how we want to see the world.