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Amphitheater in Cyprus

Sumela Monastery, Trabzon, Turkey Nestled in a steep cliff at an altitude of about 1,200 metres (3,900 ft) facing the Altındere valley, it is a site of great historical and cultural significance, as well as a major tourist attraction within Altındere National Park. On 22 September 2015 the monastery was closed to the public for the duration of one year. A geological study will be conducted on the rock face towering over the monastery due to an increase in seismic activity in the area

One of the Amarna Letters from a man or place called Alashiya. in the middle and late bronze age there was a state called Alashiya. located Eastern Mediterranean. It is referred to in a number of texts, and now thought to be the ancient name of Cyprus,, This is what scientist believe the clay tablets came from. Cyprus is an island in the east Mediterranean Sea. south of Turkey west of Syria and Lebanon and NW of Israel and the Gaza strip. noth of Egypt and east of Greece.

Cyprus Island, 149 miles long 62 miles wide at the widest part . worlds 81st largest by area and worlds 51st largest by population

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