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It's the rainy season here in Costa Rica and it makes me think of comfort food. Only one small problem, it's hot out! So I am dreaming of a hot bowl of soup. I love lentil soup with a dollop of pesto on top, or maybe a good vegetable soup. Oh and some bread to go along with it. So I will be baking some more bread... Read More

Hailey came to me distraught from lack of sleep and constant hot flushes. Her doctor's only recommendation was Hormone Replacement Therapy, but Hailey wanted to see if I had any natural recommendations she could explore first. I am asked this question a lot, so I am going to share with you what I relayed to Hailey so you can explore different avenues... Read More

Is pain a growing fear as you age? Is it part of your identity once you pass the sixty gate? When I was ten years old, a boy swung a shovel with a rusty corner at a bee. I had just stooped down to the ground to pick something up. When I stood up, the shovel's rusty corner came straight down into the top of my head. I was the pain. The pain was me. I was scared to death as a literal geyser of blood sprung out of my head, drenching my clothes... Read More

A short-term stay in an assisted living community can feel like a relaxing vacation for an aging loved one. With housekeeping, meal preparation, and entertainment all taken care of, your loved one can focus on things they enjoy. Things like making new friends or participating in scheduled activities. There are many reasons to consider an assisted living vacation for an older loved one. Here are the top five... Read More

My father turned 90 in May. We had a small birthday party at his house, which I filmed on my phone. He was blowing out candles on a cake, although he could not eat the cake. He has a feeding tube and has not eaten normally for over 20 years, since his last cancer surgery. I put up the all the photos on Facebook. Several hundred people saw the photos and wished him well. My father had little use for Facebook, until now... Read More

Being in the travel industry all my life has given me access to many different styles of lodgings. From large all-inclusive resorts to small family owned boutique style hotels and everything in between. Although I did draw a line at tents… camping is not for me! Making the right choice is important for a successful holiday... Read More

Now that fall has arrived in North America and the holidays are on the horizon, our eating habits tend to change. I know this is the season when I crave gooey casseroles, steaming drinks and (unfortunately) lots of carbs... Read More

As my kids will tell you, for decades, my baking skills were limited to burning grilled cheese sandwiches. On second thought, I’m not even sure if toasting bread counts as “baking.” Perhaps one of my more accomplished Sixty and Me sisters can clarify this for me! Read More