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It's the rainy season here in Costa Rica and it makes me think of comfort food. Only one small problem, it's hot out! So I am dreaming of a hot bowl of soup. I love lentil soup with a dollop of pesto on top, or maybe a good vegetable soup. Oh and some bread to go along with it. So I will be baking some more bread... Read More

With This Crazy Easy Recipe You’ll Be Making Bread Like A Pro Baker In No Time!

12 Tomatoes is a new cooking and recipe community. Each day we feature a few hearty, winter recipes that are also healthful and cheap to make. Check us out and add your own recipes here!

Soft and Moist Honey Oatmeal Walnut Bread recipe Super easy (Both Bread Machine and Manual methods). Makes the best sandwiches!

For anyone who’s sick of having to explain why they are happy to be alone, let’s celebrate being alone and relish the solitude.

Why is it that so many women, once they reach a certain age (usually taken to be about fifty), allow themselves to sink into grannydom; yet again, living within the expectations of others. Those expectations include putting on weight, doing strange things to their hair, dressing old, baking, disappearing, baby sitting, knitting... knitting?!?! Read More

comfort food also see recipe on epicurious. Add Tabasco to eggs before scrambling.

Recipe Hack: Olive Garden Breadsticks

Are you a fan of Olive Garden Breadsticks? If so, get this Recipe Hack: Olive Garden Breadsticks that are amazing!