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Edward III had seven legitimate sons and three illegitimate. The more well known ones were the Black Prince, John of Gaunt, William of Hatfield, Lionel of Antwerp, Edmund of Langley, Thomas of Windsor, William of Windsor and Thomas of Woodstock.

Margaret of France (1279 - 1318). Second wife of Edward I. Queen from 1299 - 1307. She married the elderly king when she was a teenager but the marriage was happy and she had two sons with him.

On this day 6th January, 1066 the last Anglo-Saxon King of England Harold II was crowned. He reigned for ten months before he died at the Battle of Hastings, fighting the Norman invaders led by William the Conqueror. Harold was the first of only three Kings of England to have died in battle, the other being Richard I and Richard III

Henry and Eleanor's brood. She also had two previous daughters, Marie and Alix by Louis VII of France. She would remain close with Marie. Henry meanwhile had at least two other sons, two of whom he recognized, Geoffrey, Who became Archbishop of York under Richard the Lionhearted and William Longespee, who became the 3rd Earl of Salisbury