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Anoint Your Character with Inner Conflict, A Master Technique

Writing about desires, fears, strengths, weaknesses, moral dilemmas and inner conflicts ... Taking your character to the edge. #writingbiz #howtowrite

Ha! the life of an introvert. yep... I struggle with the desire to be with others and my need to be alone.

from Writingeekery

The Four Pillars of Strong Characters

The 4 Pillars of Strong Characters: Building on the Cornerstones and Taking Your Characters (and Plot!) to the Next Level

Ironically, we often feel like the law of attraction and manifesting don't work...when they actually do. Why? Because the secret is that more often than not our 'desire' is in conflict with our subconscious beliefs. Align your desires with your beliefs and watch the magic happen!

Don’t fight your shadow, that is judging it and strengthening it. The shadow is a part of yourself that has become separated from your conscious self through shame, trauma or fear, and until it is reintegrated back into your self, it will undermine, sabotage and conflict with your conscious desires and positive feelings.- Deepak Chopra (A swept-hilt rapier, Europe, early 17th century)

As my family well knows, I tend to overreact and become emotional first and then think things through second. I came across this prayer from Beth Moore in my bible study and it couldn't have been more relevant for this season of life I'm in. Trying to raise two teenaged girls while battling my own hormonal changes provides for much conflict...not to mention what my husband has to endure! So thankful that God knew I needed to hear this simple prayer so that my initial reactions become more…

#Aquarius paradox: half of the mind seeks a traditional love relationship, yet the other half desires endless freedom and independence.

AMD TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STOOD...The US Constitution is what makes America great! Socialistic Democracy is the ENEMY of US Constitution !! .It may be called Mob-rules, or Majority Rules, it still conflicts, if not violates, Constitutional Private Property RIGHTS !!