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Time management often can be a challenge for the female with #ADHD. Women and girls confess they miss deadlines and appointments because they do what they feel like doing rather than what they need to do. Remember that we cannot manage time; it is an abstract. Instead, we manage ourselves, and depending on memory is often not successful for the female with ADHD. A daily planner or other strategies help the female with ADHD structure her day. Have a good Tuesday! Dr. Atha

@Kelsey Myers Myers Myers Myers Brunner I hereby swear to repin every funny Psych quote to you... There will be a lot to say the least... lol

Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young. How come I'm never able to identify where its coming from? I'd make a candle out of it if I ever found it, try to sell it, never sell out of it, I'd probably only sell one.

26 Things Easily Distracted People Understand All Too Well

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Easily Distracted - 1 inch Button, Pin or Magnet

Easily Distracted 1 inch Button Pin or Magnet by snottub on Etsy, $1.25