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Do Americans Have A Moral Conscience? -

russia is probably just wants to do that for a war. Does anyone else know that the reason highways were made were for an easy way for the tanks to travel? so this wouldn't be the best idea, but it would be the best road trip

Senators McCain and Graham Push for New Conflict with Russia -

Genetic similarity to Siberia is greatest for the Chipewyan population from northern Canada and for the more southerly Cree and Ojibwa populations.My daughters are Ojibwa.

And this is why we love Russia :D <-- And don't forget America just hitting them with his fists.<--But Russia just high fived them in the face.

Omg.....Hetalia but not Hetalia. Hahahah.....everybody knows the Canadian Brutality is second to none!

Greatest thing I found out about national animals is that Canada’s is a beaver.Also America shouldn’t poke too much fun if Ben Franklin had his way we would have the turkey as our national animal. (He wanted it because in the wild they’er very clever birds.) Runner up for underwhelming national animal is France they have Rooster. Best national animal though is hands down Scotland they have a unicorn yeah that’s right a mother fronting fictional animal lol.