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In this ancient Mandarin Chinese painting, the characters are dressed alike, in blue and black. Also, the bald heads are reminiscent of the classic Grays. The flags depicted resemble flames, as from a rocket's exhaust while the tassels look like helmets and faces can almost be made out creating the general impression of robed beings

Statue of Akhenaten: Akhenaten ascended to the throne as the 10th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty in 1352 B.C. He is depicted in paintings and carvings with an elongated skull, which some ancient alien theorists interpret as a sign of extraterrestrial heritage.

ஜ ۩۞۩ ஜ ஜ ۩۞۩ ஜ Azulestrellla: ● archeologické předměty nalezené v Aztec původu Ojuelos Jalisco, Mexiko.

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