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Passion flowers (Passiflora spp.) are perennial woody vines, mostly from tropical America but with a few species originating in Asia, Australasia and the Polynesian Islands. They climb through the supporting vegetation by means of coiled tendrils. Many of them have showy fragrant flowers and several produce edible fruits.

Grow a vertical garden in this stackable, space-saving plant tour that fits into any outdoor space. It has a built in slow drip watering system to help make growing easy!

Enjoy fresh fruit all summer from your own backyard. Start planning now to plant small fruits this spring. Make your landscape edible.

What happens when a professional chef turns into a gardening fanatic? Can 'homemaker' be a political statement? How self-sufficient can a family be on one-third of an acre in suburban Seattle? Where is the right balance between living cheap and living well? Can one ever have too many rutabagas? How much lawn do growing kids really need when there are fruit trees to be planted?

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The Best Shade Tolerant Vegetables

Want to grow vegetables, but don’t have a sunny garden? Fortunately, there are several vegetables and herbs that tolerate less sunlight. Here are some of the best shade-tolerant vegetables to consider for your gardens.