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Studying Health Inequalities (Policy Press - Evidence for Public Health Practice): Jonathan Wistow, Tim Blackman, David S. Byrne, Gerald Wistow: 9781447305279: AmazonSmile: Books

Adlerian Therapy ("individual psychology"-stresses "encouragement, choice & responsibility", which lead to building friendships, intimacy & contributing to society-psych. health is having "social interests" & "community feeling"-5 categories for birth order-positive & future oriented-thought problems lay more in interactions w/ the world as opposed to arising internally-the past is useful only to observe patterns-family constellation, birth order & education are critical to how people are…

Lillian Wald began her work in 1893, when she discovered the need for health care among New York’s largely Jewish immigrant population. Her solution to this problem, in the form of public health nursing—a term she coined—served only as the beginning of her life’s work, which was dedicated to providing health care, education and social services to the poor and immigrant members of her Henry Street Settlement, and beyond.

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