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Live in a tent...pick up and go!

Beautiful Tent ~ this is exactly the look I am going for! Almost there.and the main objective is to spend zero dollars to get here. Use only resources on hand!

Zip Bed has Snug Fitted Sheets Like a Luxury Sleeping Bag

OMG This bed is nice. I dunno if it's my style or not, but it's cool! Zip Bed has Snug Fitted Sheets Like a Luxury Sleeping Bag

This rustic lodge-style pop up camper makeover is perfect for both him and her.  I love the neutral colors.

Jennie's Pop Up Camper Makeover

I love this rustic look, but am disappointed in the cheat of having Dad building a special table and buying new faucets from Lowe's. That takes away from the DIY remodel that so many of these are so good at.

3 Outfits To Help You Look Cute While Camping | Lovelyish

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splendid actually: glamping take 2...my personal fave: "bud vases for found flowers"

A good list for both camping and this wannabe outdoorsy style, known as "glamping." It's also a nice self check to make sure you aren't being a princess when you're packing for your trip. It's important to know how to cook over the fire.

What an amazing pop up camper remodel.  It hardly looks like the same trailer.

Jill's Pop Up Camper Makeover

Camper Interior Remodel DIY Travel Trailers - Just about all travel trailers utilize wood veneer. This will go quite a way to giving your family campe.