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Did you know that the main reason Hussie made those series of events is because he realised people weren't taking Eridan seriously, and Hussie created Eridan to be scary not some desperate loser. And don't forget unlike any of the trolls he had 2 quadrants filled at the same time making him the most romantically successful troll, so don't give me that forever alone shit. And wow I didn't notice due to the lack of white hair.

Homestuck/Jade Harley-shes going to be the sole cause of tears these updates

Grimdark!Homestuck is highly manipulative and knows exactly what to say to set off other fandoms into becoming their worse parts ie sherlock becoming moriarty and dr who becoming the master.-anon Picture- //This has a typo :p//

The Grimdark and the Grimbark--Homestuck fanart by Xamag. I adore this piece.

That is a Lolita Rose! That is Rouge Arei's "Nightmare Rising"

There's just something about grimdark people that I love

acloudofsteam: Gotta get out now, gotta run from this Here comes the shame                               here comes the shame                                   Chandelier by Sia