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Be My Lion Queen! Look, I know this is not really a thing related to anime or manga but still, I Love It, so i wanted to show it to you too.

Never defy the Lion!Quinn I’m dammit in love with Lion! Thanks FierceZucchini. All night long to do this, OMG. I sketched all the images during th. Faberry Never defy the Lion Quinn

To cute :)

Aww look at that baby CX Nalu, sleeping<<<<<<the fact baby has a dragon toy SO CUTE!

Aldnoah.Zero Asseylum Vers Allusia Slaine Troyard conde Cruhteo

Zero Asseylum Vers Allusia Slaine Troyard collected by Angella Zarami Alvarez Alvarado and make your own Anime album.

Ib Game

Gary x ib ((The funny thing here. is that IB is 9 years old actually. however, everybody -including me- ship them no prob with it *fies away*))

Thanks God i'm not tall

Mekakucity Actors ~ Haruka & Takane Best way to kiss a tall guy X,D

ok imagine Tikki and Plagg playing a prank on the heroes by swapping their…

thereshegoes (ladybug comic) by she-sells-seagulls on DeviantArt Ladybug and Adrien Window wave Miraculous: Ladybug and Chat Noir Cat Noir