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The Tricky Pastor - Fooled his congregation. http://thehayride.com/2013/07/the-tricky-pastor/
the fall of Bob Coy and the rise of gay pastors
Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Praying for Spiritual Revival In America....It was a sight to behold inside a conference ballroom at the downtown Marriott hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, as hundreds of Iowa pastors called out to God and prayed over two U.S. senators, both of whom seem interested in running for president of the United States.
An old man leaned against a brick wall, Feeling sad about life, old jobs, and past loves.                    He was feeling regret for unfulfilled dreams. It was hard for him to pinpoint, When it a…
Everyone has the right to a roof. wealth is exchanged to make more but for what?
please don't say.......there but for the grace of God go I.........it implies He loves you more than the homeless man.....how egocentric!!!!!
When we finally know we are dying,   and all other sentient beings are dying with us,     we start to have a burning,   almost heartbreaking sense   of the fragility and preciousness of   each moment and each being,     and from this can grow a deep, clear,   limitless compassion for all beings.      ~~ Sogyal Rinpoche
repressed dispair
Jimmy Carter