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How a Septic Tank Works

Don't abuse the system: How a Septic Tank Works

Fluidmaster PerforMAX Complete Toilet Repair Kit

If your toilet is noisy, the problem may be the fill valve. Check the water level inside the tank and make sure it’s about ¾” below the top of the flush valve. If that doesn’t help, click the infographic to get more details and shop Fluidmaster PerforMAX if you need to replace your toilet’s parts.

Here is the vertical cedar fence my hubby built (with my design, lumber shopping and staining help - Im useless with a hammer though) to cover up the two hideous air conditioning units gracing our frontage. Hes awesome! Im happy. We left lots of air for the AC units to breathe so hopefully its fine.

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Not all hot water heater problems require a HWH replacement. Some issues can be fixed with household tools and some replacement parts. Here is a few HW problems that can be easily fixed.No hot water. Gas HW check the pilot light to see if it is on. Gas thermocouple may be faulty and need replacement. If the pilot keeps going off after being lit, the gas pilot control valve could be faulty. On electric HWH, the thermostat or upper electric heating element may be faulty and need replacement