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everal copies of the Shroud were made from the 1500's to the 1700's. Some have questioned whether the Shroud of Turin is the real deal. There is not a copy in existence that compares in any way with the unique and distinctive properties of the Shroud image.

The Veil of Veronica, or Sudarium (Latin for sweat-cloth), often called simply "The Veronica" and known in Italian as the Volto Santo or Holy Face (but not to be confused with the carved crucifix Volto Santo of Lucca) is a Catholic relic, which, according to legend, bears the likeness of the Face of Jesus not made by human hand (i.e. an Acheiropoieton)

Scourge marks on the Shroud of Turin. Reddish brown stains that have been said to include whole blood are found on the cloth, showing various wounds that, according to proponents, correlate with the yellowish image, the pathophysiology of crucifixion, and the Biblical description of the death of Jesus.

from National Geographic News

Why Shroud of Turin's Secrets Continue to Elude Science

Nuns at a convent in Turin, Italy, unroll a cherished copy of the shroud made in 1644. Unlike this painted version, the original shroud shows no evidence of artificial pigments.

[Above: Perfect fit of Sudarium of Oviedo (right) to the face on the Shroud of Turin (left), in Bennett, J., "Sacred Blood, Sacred Image," 2001, plate 20. This is proof beyond reasonable doubt that the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo once covered the bleeding head of the same man.]