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Lania by Anne Fugat - Beautiful! {looks like a "nautilus" seashell-the one which grows in a spiral, which has the "Golden Ratio" observable in many places and things in nature. (hint: read up on Pythagorean theorem, chaos theory, repeating digits, etc. Yes, I do mean MATH-lol) I love this as a piece of jewelry or as a possible painting!}

Like an abstracted tree providing shade. An architectural concept for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo by architect Akihisa Hirata

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Fractal Geometry :: Fractals in Nature

Mandelbrot set - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia O sistema aleatório de desenvolvimento formatado isométrico prova que duas constantes podem ser par e fazer parte de outro universo matemático.!.

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Fractal Geometry :: Fractals in Nature

Fractal Geometry ~ A fractal is defined as a "rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole," according to their "discoverer" Benoit Mendelbrot (Nov. 20, 1924 – Oct. 14, 2010). In plain English this means that something is "self-similar," or at least generally like a zoomed in/out iteration of itself.

** Fractal? I thought from what I've read that there are rules as to what makes up a fractal. I believe this meets those of having three same shapes of different or same size. It is confusing!

Fractals - aurora fractalis - By Unknown

Mathematics in Art [click to see at 100% size, looks much better]

"Burn Out" - art created by Linda Allison Clipped version was on the September/October 2006 cover of John Hopkins magazine "Imagine."